Visual interview #2: Adrian Goeldner

What pays rent?

Online-Marketing for some customers (just projects that make sense and/or are sustainable) and my heart-project: A science-based online meditation class against Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Sleep Disorders.

In 2018 I went to Chile in South America for 6 months to reflect myself and my journey so far.

I did pretty much everything to gain money online – to express my passion: Travelling. But I was a little bit blinded by the people who were talking about „passive income“. So I started with dropshipping, being an affiliate, wrote a book, buyed and sold domains, supported a Start-up, I acquired 3 gaming Apps in the play store and way more.

Just to realise that even if the things worked out good, they didn´t fulfill me.

Back to what happened in 2018. 

I always wanted to help people. And in my reflection I came to the conclusion, that I could build a meditation class to help the people and sell it online to make my travel dream come true.

I worked myself through 200 studies & brain scans about mindfulness and meditation, talked to neuroscientists & psychotherapists worldwide and combined all that with my own 16-year-experience of meditation. 

So I created an 8-week-class, which changes the brain. 

The Amygdala (responsible for stress & anxiety) shrinks. The grey density matter in the Hippocampus (responsible for emotion regulation) grows and gets thicker. And the left prefrontal Cortex grows. Brain Scans show that people with depression often have a smaller left prefrontal cortex. And people who have a larger le. Pre. Cortex show more signs of being content and happy.

So here we go:

I founded the private Institute for mental health through meditation and help people who want to learn the meditation techniques that are science-based or people who struggle with their mental state.

What is a typical day in your life?

There are no really „typical days“ in my life. The mindfulness practice teaches to be in the „beginning mind“. It means: Try to do all the things you do as you would have never done them before. 

So even my typical things change for me every day. As I´m a digital nomad currently my day looks like:

Waking up on Koh Tao. Meditation. Breakfast. Coffee. Work. Food. Beach. Reading. Meeting people and learn more about culture and different ways of life. Meditation. Food again.

By the way: My goal is never to make as much money as I can. My goal ist to make as much free time and freedom for myself as I can. If you work 40+ hours, are you alive then? Or just „living“ from weekend to weekend? Do you need that new TV, the new Clothes and that new cars all the time? Do these things really make you happy? Or would you rather spend time with your friends and close ones? Travel and experience life? Expand your hobby and the things that you love. 

Think about that you just have one life and things will not change if you dont change anything.

Which tools are important for you?

So in the online world I couldnt live without Canva and LinkedIn.

And in the offline world as you maybe can imagine at this point: Meditation.

I started meditating 16 years ago in a small german town. Because I wanted to learn Kung-Fu and learn to fight. I didn´t thought that we would sit around for hours on the cold floor of the hall.

Just years later (after a lot more hours on the cold floor) I learned why meditating  is good for me.

I was reflecting myself more and could better handle my emotions than my peers.

And now everyone asks me at least two times a week why I´m laughing so much.

You can find me here

My Institute (it´s completely in german – if you´re interested in personal coaching in english you can write me an e-mail there):

My Instagram: @Adrian_mentaleGesundheit ( )

For mindful business content: (

Who or what inspires me?

Altruism inspires me.

When I was younger my Kung-Fu-Master and his wife inspired me. His wife is a psychological psychotherapist and we had often sessions where he told us learnings from Buddhism, Kabbalah or other teachings – and she explained the scientific part about that.

Another person is Thorsten Havener. Through him I wanted to learn more about the people around me. Why they react like they react and why they behave like they behave.

And nowadays I get most inspired by people like Matthieu Ricard, Paul Ekman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Richard Davidson, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and more. The people who research about emotions and mindfulness. Also a good read always inspires me. My favourite book is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

Do you have a vision?

I know I can´t heal anybody. But at least I want to try to help as much people as I can to smile and laugh again.

What is your favorite website? Add a cool link:

My favorite website is LinkedIn. I met so many interesting people over there and this gave me the chance to connect with people all over the world. Don´t see it as a business platform. See it as a meaningful Social Media. 

Any advice fort he younger generation?

Life is never about what other people expect from you. You are the only one who decides about your life. Just because you can do someting, doesn´t mean, that you have to do something.

Try to build as much individual responsibility as possible at young age. Don´t blame other people for your mistakes. Mistakes are normal and belong to life as birth and death. It´s okay to make them, as long as you learn from them.

Treat all the people you meet with appreciation/esteem. 

If people make you angry or sad – they never mean you. They mean themselfs. You can´t change the people – but you can change yourself and your way to handle your emotions.

And a last tip:

  • Be pro-active. 

If you´re pro-active and full of esteem for others, you will reach every goal in your life. (In case it´s a real goal, and not just empty money and the big car.)