48fps says: hello!

Happy new year ♥

Since 2005, 48fps is an interactive studio, notebook and visual archive run by Henning. Obsessed with beautiful content, useful links and things that make me smile, I decided to share my visual archive.

On a regular monthly base, I’ll publish a curated link:pack on this blog, serving digital news in the fields of marketing, design, education, tools and electronic music.

Moreover, you can subscribe to my newsletter to get 48fps directly in your inbox. Alternatively, you can schedule a 48fps sponsorship to promote your product or service to my readers over all channels. This is not an ad, the 48fps sponsorship is a post that will be directed to my readers over this website, the newsletter, facebook, instagram and twitter and remains online indefinitely.

If you have feedback or something that fits 48fps, please let me know.