Link:Pack // June 2021

Okay. This month I chose a Hip Hop Mix by Nicola Armellin.

UNDRAW.IO beautifies your keynotes. Enter your HEX code an download your illustration.

– CITATIONSY is helpful for using quotes in a thesis.

Journey into Music and different styles.

Here´s a newspaper archive.

PDFDRIVE is a search engine for PDFs.

CORE is the world’s largest collection of open access research papers.

Pretty useful Instagram-Hacks (german)

– The next Google Update: Mind your Web Core Vitals. (German)

– Alone but you want to watch something together?

Amazon StyleSnap helps you find a piece similar to your inspiration.

– shows software you can use for free.

– Your Keynotes look too powerpointy? helps.

– Not in shape yet? gives advice how to train specific muscles.

– Not a Math Lover? explains… Photomath is an App and does the same.

– No Photoshop-Skills? Remove backgrounds from images with Clippingmagic.

– Like Mockups? Check ShotSnapp

COOLBACKGROUNDS.IO is really cool!

– Customize illustrations via ITG.

– Finally, let´s talk about money shortly: Yes, I am an investor fascinated by TradeRepublic.

Lane8 constantly provides cool mixtapes if you like electronic music <3

– Another Hip Hop Mixtape by DJ Rumor 🙂

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