48fps | Bureau for Interactive Experiences

48fps | Bureau for Interactive Experiences

Hello from CGN, Germany!

Studio, Visual Archive and Notebook

Digital Marketing Cologne

Since 2005, 48fps is an interactive studio, notebook and visual archive run by Henning. Obsessed with beautiful content, useful links and things that make me smile, I decided to share my visual archive.

On a regular monthly base, I’ll publish a curated link:pack on this blog, serving digital news in the fields of marketing, design, education, & electronic music.

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If you have feedback or something that fits 48fps, please let me know.

Notebook | Beautiful things I stumbled upon.

Bureau for Interactive Experiences

Time is limited. Passion is infinite.

Digital Art Direction, Online Marketing, Creative Conception, Content and  Strategy Development – these are not empty phrases. These are your possibilities to be more than one product or service in a million. And to me, it means a lot of creativity and passionate development.

Digital Marketing

The web is a huge place, so I will shout loud: We need to develop your strategy that fits your brand, goals and your target audience. SEA, SEO, Social Media Ads and Newsletter Marketing are possible instruments to get your product or service recognized – let’s create and tell your story!

Digital Design & Development

I do not just design your web site, I design what your customers do on your web site. Tell me what you want your customers to do on your site, and I will design a web site to encourage them to do it! If the most important thing is for new visitors to telephone you, then your telephone number belongs on the most visible part of every page. If you want your visitors to read wonderful testimonials about you, I put your testimonials on the front page — and on every page! If you want your visitors to join a mailing list, then I put a sign up box on the top of every page. Tell me about your customers: what are they are looking for? I will make it easy for them to find it.

SEO Re-Design

I’ve been designing and managing web sites since 1999.

Even though changes can be made very quickly, the effects of a new design can take much longer to work. It’s important for you to work with someone you trust over the long term — because your web site is going to change again and again and again. I can help you change your site or teach you how to change your own site. Ask me how we can build a design that works for you.

Fix Code

I’ll look at your site and tell you how to make it work for your company or organization. Ugly? I´ll re-design it. Broken links? I’ll fix them. Poor code? I’ll re-code it line by line. I’ll put together a custom made solution for all your web site problems.

Update & Maintain

48fps´s „Maintenance Package“ helps you maintain your web site in excellent and updated condition, so that your business always looks fresh, new and interesting. I can also update your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on a regular basis. Please ask for information and conditions.


I usually tend to charge an all-inclusive fee for my work delivering custom-solutions and packages that will make you smile. Simply drop me a message to find a possible time slot for your project – please feel free to ask any question you might have.