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48fps | Interactive Experiences

Digital Management + Interaction Design + Performance Marketing


Agency & Creative Lab offering Digital Creation + Marketing + Management | Cologne

Agency, Advertiser & Publisher | CGN, Germany: Founded in 2005, 48fps has grown up and is a highly-specialized Agency & Creative Lab today, working for lovely clients. 48fps is Publisher & Advertiser partnering with Google, Hubspot and GLAM Media.

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The Portfolio of Henning Pfeiffer

Henning is a CGN-based Digital Art Director, Marketing Expert & Lecturer gone independent. He’s the Digital Marketing Manager @ an International Business School. Besides, Henning is the person behind 48fps, always looking for the next unique Challenge.

The Visual Archiv

Notebook & Blog

The Creative Interview

Fancy Portraits of awesome People. UPDATED

GLOW | needtoglow.com

Luxury Fashion Brand for Creators & Makers.

Peace of Mind | peacemnd.com

@peacemnd1 | A Travel Blog about awesome Destinations + the Beauty of Life.

@liebenwir | electronic music

Beautiful Music from CGN.

Made you Smile!

The Awesome Link Directory | madeyousmile.de

Social Media Coaching | One Day Crash Course!

From Analysis and Conception to your first optimized Posting.

socialmedia-coaching-koeln.de | One Day 1:1 Coaching! We do a Competitor & Hashtag Analysis and focus on your Niche or your Topic. Then we create Content Ideas and your Social Media  Calendar. Finally, we do a Shooting and Editing @ MediaPark or Rheinauhafen and publish your optimized Posting at 6:00 pm. Interested?

Henning Pfeiffer
MBA | Digital Marketing Management 
Cologne, Germany
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